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AppTec and Denodo: Together in Digital Transformation

The digital era has changed the way companies manage and use data. Today, it is crucial to be able to access, analyze and use data efficiently to make informed decisions. This is where data virtualization comes into play, and this is where the collaboration between AppTec and Denodo becomes vital.

Who are we?

At AppTec, we are committed to satisfying our customers through value creation and delivering on all our commitments. We are committed to creating value for our shareholders and maintaining a high level of corporate governance. Our mission is to be competitive and proactive in delivering IT solutions to our customers, always exceeding their expectations1.

Why Denodo?

Denodo is a leader in data management. Its award-winning platform is the premier data integration, management and delivery platform that uses a logical approach to enable self-service BI, data science, hybrid/multi-cloud data integration and enterprise data services.

How do we work together?

As systems integrators and resellers for Denodo in Latin America, we at AppTec help companies leverage the power of Denodo data virtualization. This approach to data virtualization allows companies to access their data in real time, no matter where it is stored.

Data virtualization provides a layer of abstraction that allows users to access data without needing to know the technical details of where and how the data is stored. This not only improves efficiency, but also allows for greater agility and flexibility in data management.

By working together, AppTec and Denodo are enabling companies to transform their data management, make better use of their resources, and ultimately make more informed and effective decisions.

In a nutshell

At AppTec, we are proud to work with Denodo to help companies overcome their data challenges. By pairing our IT and data management expertise with Denodo's powerful data virtualization platform, we are helping businesses realize their digital transformation and thrive in the digital age.

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