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Appliance Technologies

We are a company focused on integrating technology solutions based on data, focusing time and effort on finding a solution that meets your needs. We are pioneers and leaders in the market of analytics and Big Data industry, with over 15 years of experience.

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Our History

Appliance Technologies was born in 2007 when Javier Gonzalez, Victor Hugo Navarro and Juan Pablo Gonzalez decide to combine their years of experience in the IT branch, with the goal of revolutionizing the world of Big Data and analytics in Mexico and Latin America.


Transform businesses and increase their profitability through the correct use of data and analytics to attract, develop and retain exceptional people.


Helping businesses derive value from their data.


We have the philosophy of forming people passionate about learning and discovering new horizons, people who form more than a team, a family, where respect, trust, honesty and integrity are some of the values we instill within our entire company, managing to have a team of people focused on objectives and our customers.


Victor Hugo Navarro CEO.JPG

Victor Hugo Navarro


Pablo Navarro Account Manager Retail_edited.jpg

Pablo Navarro

Account Manager Retail

Alfredo Garcia Consultor Sr.jpg

Alfredo García

Data Engineering Manager

Vinicio Navarro Account Manager Retail.JPG

Vinicio Navarro

Board Member

Luis Fernando Gonzalez Account Manager Telcos.JPG

Fernando González

Account Manager Telcos

Alejandro Alvarez Consultor Sr_edited.jpg

Alejandro Álvarez

Data Strategy

Alejandro Hernandez Director Consultoria_edited.jpg

Alejandro Hernández

VP of Technology

Victor Reyes.jpeg

Victor Reyes

Customer Support Manager

Miguel Gomez_edited.jpg

Miguel Gómez

Data Scientist

Jaime Michell Acount Manager Telcos_edited.jpg

Jaime Michel

Sales Director

Omar Buendia.jpeg

Alejandro Buendía

Operations Manager

Juan Gonzalez_edited.jpg

Juan González




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